How was your experience?

Thank you for your order! Before receiving your receipt, please fill out the following survey in order to help us serve you better:

1.) How was your online ordering experience today?

a.) Exquisite

b.) Superlative

c.) Horrendous

d.) Pretty much like every single other online ordering experience everybody has ever had since online ordering was a thing

2.) Did you find what you were looking for?

a.) Yes

b.) No

c.) Somewhere between "yes" and "no"

3.) How did you enjoy our online assistant?

a.) I figured out what I needed before anyone was available to assist me

b.) There has to be some middle ground between rudeness and a complete stranger wasting my time asking me how I am when we both know the conversation is a total farce

4.) How likely are you to recommend our store to a friend?

a.) Oh, extremely likely. All I do all day is recommend internet locations to friends. They love it!

b.) The above answer was sarcastic, in case you couldn't tell

c.) Somewhat likely

5.) How likely are you to shop at our store again?

a.) Extremely likely

b.) I am only clicking random answers at this point to get through this survey

6.) How are you enjoying our survey so far?

a.) Very much

b.) A lot

c.) There is no other answer

7.) What are the odds that you will take our survey again?

a.) 100%

8.) Why are you trying to exit this survey?

a.) I don't care about letting you know how you are doing

b.) I don't care about improving customer service

c.) I don't care that an actual human being wrote this survey

d.) I have to poop.

9.) If you answered "I have to poop," why did you do that?

a.) I am infantile

b.) I did it by mistake

c.) I really have to poop

10.) You have reached the end of the survey! Thank you for our time. Please let us know how we did with this survey and click on any button below to be sent to the next survey

a.) OK

b.) Sure!

c.) asdfaklsdjfaldkfjasldfkjasdlfkjasdf